NCG, Inc. Reviews: How To Create Your Own Luck!

NCG, Inc.

How To Create Your Own Luck!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Management Team at NCG, Inc thought it would be fun to share with our people this article we found on about creating your own luck! NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company and we specialize in client relations and brand building. So, our job is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand. For our people, we’re committed to providing development that fosters a positive work environment and the opportunity to grow.

We felt like this article matched up with our company and the St. Patrick’s Day. Often times in companies that provide advancement based on merit, it seems like some people have all the “luck.” But, we don’t really think that people are either lucky or unlucky we believe that you create your own!

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NCG, Inc. Reviews: Goals VS Outcomes!

NCG, Inc.

Goals VS Outcomes

NCG, Inc. is a privately owned marketing company. What we specialize in is client relations and brand building. Our job is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand through their target markets. For our clients, we provide a unique approach to help them reach their customer base. For our people, we provide a development program that gives real-world work experience and a predictable career path that leads towards management.

Goals are an essential part of someone’s success in life and in business. But, most of us are confusing goals with outcomes and this can be detrimental. So, when we found this article on under30CEO we decided to share it with our people and all of you!

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NCG, Inc Reviews: 15 Ways to Impress!

NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company. We specialize in client relations and brand building. Our job, is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand through their target markets. We’re committed to providing our clients with a professionally trained marketing and sales team that will properly build their brand and increase their market share. We’re also able to give our employees the opportunity to advance and grow within our company because we provide a Management Development Program that is geared to give our Account Managers the opportunity to advance within our company. This article was something that we shared with our people to help them learn how to bring out their best qualities to wow their peers, customers, and anyone they encounter.

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NCG, Inc Reviews: 7 Signs That You’re Hanging Out With The Wrong People!

NCG, Inc Reviews: 7 Signs That You’re Hanging Out With The Wrong People!

Remember when you were a teenager and your parents used to not be fans of some of your friends? They would say things like, “You are who you hang out with!” If you are like most people, you shrugged them off and continued on with your teenage rebellion. But, what if your parents were right back then? Well, new research shows that they are. Studies have been done about individual income. They’ve found that your income is the average of your 10 closest friends. At the end of the day, most of us know that hanging out with the right crowd can make our break our lives. It relates to the amount of happiness that you feel, the amount of inspiration that you get, and the number of achievements you make. That’s why people push the idea of being in a positive environment. This is easier said than done. Sometimes we don’t want to let go of certain people, we keep making excuses for them, and are blind to the fact that we’re in bad company. But how do you know? Well, here at Northeast Consulting Group (NCG), Inc we focus a lot on your circle of influence. So, we found this article that points out 7 Signs that you’re hanging with the wrong friends!

1. They make money an issue.
They borrow money from you and they never return it on time and sometimes don’t even return it at all. They miraculously disappear all the time whenever the bill arrives. They have a job, but for some reason, they have you pay for things. If money largely contributes to the doubt that you sometimes feel in your friendships, then it’s pretty clear that they aren’t good friends. If they’re only looking at you as a wallet, then they’re not worth it. Stick with a group of people who support each other, not financially, but in other ways.

2. They never follow up with what they say they’d do for you.
In other words, they’re full of… well you know what. Talk is cheap, they say empty words to keep you happy but never follow through. It’s saying things but keeping your word that shows your real character. A real friend will never leave you hanging. You don’t need friends who take you for granted. Your’e worth more than words. Cheap talk drags you down.

3. They’re always too busy for you.
To put it straight, busy is just not true. Everybody is busy. If you want to make time for something or someone, then you will. It’s better to spend your time with people who want to be in your presence just for the sake of it, not for other superficial reasons.

4. They don’t care about your struggles, only what your success can give them.
Have you ever known people who say things like, “Wow you made so much money! So, I guess drinks are on you then?” It might sound harmless, but, how much does someone like this actually care? Hang out with people who know who you truly are, not who you are on the surface.

5. They constantly pry on you so they can compare.
“How big is your salary?” “What did you get on your SAT’s?” “What was your GPA in college?” Can you think of someone like this? At the end of the day they only want to know so that they can compare themselves to you.

6. They indulge and feed on drama.
People who constantly gossip about others and stab other people in the back. You’d be surprised how being around this can affect your life. It’s tiring and disillusioning. It makes you question who they are and whether they’re talking about you too behind your back. People who you want to surround yourself with are mature. They won’t talk about others behind their backs, they’ll talk to them in person.

7. You question the change in your life because of them.
If you ever need to start questioning yourself and your lifestyle because of the people you surround yourself with, then they’re not the right people. When you surround yourself with the right people they elevate you. They make you feel so happy and inspired that you wouldn’t want to imagine your life without these people.
People in your life who exhibit those 7 signs are anchors on you. They weigh you down and hold you back. Cut ties, and move on. You’ll be amazed at how much happier you are and how much more success you’ll find in both your personal and professional life!

NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company that specializes in client relations and brand building. For our clients, our job is to help them grow and expand through their target markets. For our people, we’re committed to providing proper training and development to give an individual a predictable career path that leads to management. To learn more about the career opportunities available within our company please visit our website:

NCG, Inc Reviews: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The “Tin Man!”

NCG, Inc Reviews: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The “Tin Man!”

NCG, Inc. is a privately owned marketing company that specializes in client relations and brand building. For our clients, our job is to help them grow and expand through their selected target markets. We are able to do this by training and developing our people from within on campaign management, the training and development of others, and the ability to lead. So, a big focus of ours is training someone on having an “entrepreneurial mindset.” So, when we saw this article at about what we can learn from one of our favorite Wizard of Oz characters, we couldn’t help but share it with our people!
When people thing about the Tin Man, they think of the Wizard of Oz and not as someone that they can learn from. So, here are the main reasons why entrepreneurs can benefit from taking some pages out of the Tin Man’s book!
1. The Tin Man is industry personified, but he doesn’t forget the importance of having a heart!
In the public eye, most entrepreneurs are often perceived as ruthless in their hunger for making money and heartless people. Now, if you compare this to the Tin Man, on the surface he’s a machine and doesn’t have a heart, fitting the typical stereo-type of an entrepreneur. However, all he cares about is having a heart. It doesn’t mater that he’s a walking, talking example of industry, he still cares about relationship building and his one ambition is to avoid hollowness. Entrepreneurs can learn from this, it’s important to get work done, but it’s also important to e personable. When dealing with clients, never become a “machine” and always remember the importance of building real relationships.
2. The Tin Man has a clarity of purpose. He knows what his goals are and the path he must take to achieve them.
Look at the Tin Man’s journey. He has a burning ambition to get a real heart. Rather than pine about it and write it off as un-achievable, he makes it a goal and plans the journey he needs to take. Not ONCE does he lose sight of that goal. His ambition never strays and he keeps going until he achieves fulfillment. Having clarity about a purpose and a strategy can help any entrepreneur gain leverage in their career. Setting targets and planning out steps to reach your destination are good practice.
3. The Tin Man aligns his individual goals with the goals of his team.
By travelling together towards the same goal, the Tin Man and his famous companions all achieve success! He recognizes that his goals are no more or less important than the goals of his team, and without a trace of selfishness they all move forward as a connected unit. Like a true team player, the Tin Man aligns his individual targets with the targets of his companions. He understands that this is the only way the higher purpose will be accomplished.
Entrepreneurs who want to ensure sustained success would do well to understand this balance and unite their ambitions with the ambitions of their team.
4. The Tin Man proactively strives to solve his problems.
He knows his flaw. He doesn’t have a heart and he wants one. Rather than ignoring the issue, the Tin Man sets about to solve it. Entrepreneurship is all about problem solving and being proactive. It’s not about settling for second best and doing whatever you can to be the best that you can be. Following in the footsteps of the Tin Man, entrepreneurs need to acknowledge and address any problems they face with a proactive, can-do attitude,
Taking lessons from the Tin Man may not uncover a wizard at the end of a yellow brick road, but it might just encourage some good working practices.
To learn more about the career opportunities available within NCG, Inc. please visit our website and see our Careers page at

NCG, Inc Reviews: 3 Ways To Train Your Brain To Think More Clearly!

NCG, Inc Reviews: 3 Ways To Train Your Brain To Think More Clearly!

Analytic thinking is the process of remembering words and putting their meanings into context. This process is not simply accessing a mental dictionary. Every time you use words, you re-create their meaning. The words you habitually use when you’re thinking (and then expressing those thoughts) mold how you see the world. For example, people who habitually think (and speak and write) the word “hate” tend to find an ever-increasing number of things to hate. The relationship between word usage and perception is hugely important in business. When you train yourself to speak and write using clearly defined words arranged into concise sentences, you’re training your brain to think more clearly. When you write and speak more clearly, you increase your positive influence on your team. Clarity is contagious. Conversely, if you habitually use fuzzy, ill-defined words crammed into long and convoluted sentences, you’re training your brain, and the brains of your team members, to think less clearly. Confusion is also contagious.

1. Mentally edit out fuzzy buzzwords.
Most buzzwords are just simply annoying, things like saying “utilize” rather than “use.” Some examples of the biggest buzz word offenders are: alignment, best of breed, client-centric, core competency, crystallize, customer-centric, diversity, empowerment, holistic, leading, leverage, generation, paradigm, roust, seamless, stakeholder, sustainability, and synergy.
For example, in physics, synergy describes the creation of a whole that’s greater than the arithmetic sum of its parts. So, combining flour, water, yeast, and heat to create a loaf of bread. In business, the term synergy generally pops up when we talk about how organizations are combined, as in a merger, acquisition, or restructuring. However, in business, synergy barely exists
Mentally editing out these fuzzy, vague buzzwords when you’re talking, speaking, listening, or reading gradually clears your mind of the confusion that they create, thereby making you smarter.

2. Simplify your business writing.
If you find yourself writing long, complex sentences at work, edit and reedit them so that they express the gist in fewer words. Do this enough times and you’ll automatically accustom your brain to shorter, clearer wordings. Simplifying to the fewest number of words doesn’t just make your writing crisper, it also habituates your mind to seek the simple essence of needlessly complex concepts. The more often you practice this clarification process the smarter you get.

3. Play the “one syllable” game.
This exercise trains your brain to use smaller, easier to understand words rather than complex ones. The concept is simple. Try to communicate business ideas using words of only one syllable. For example, if you want to explain the directions of this game say something like, “The point of the game is to talk and write with words that are so short that they cannot be split.” It’s not about talking like this all the time, it’s more about the mental effort. It helps you simplify rather than make things more complex.
NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company. We specialize in client relations and brand building. A big part of what we do for our clients is to help them grow and expand through their target markets. For our people, we provide the development needed for them to advance from within and move into a management role. To learn more about the career opportunities available within our company please visit our website: