Northeast Consulting Group, Inc Reviews: The Pillars of Success!

This past weekend the Management Team, Corporate Trainers, and Account Managers within Northeast Consulting Group, Inc took a trip to New Jersey and attended a Leadership Seminar! The purpose was for everyone to gain some insight on different types of leaders and to identify their strengths so they can build on them to increase their professional success within a company. The biggest development session that stood out the most to all of the attendees from Northeast Consulting Group, Inc was the meeting on, “How to Be Successful & Coach Others.”
How to Be Successful & Coach Others:
This meeting was broken down into the “Three Pillars of Success” which included Law of Averages, Simplicity, and Maintaining Attitude & Enthusiasm. Each Pillar is key to building success.
Pillar I – The Law of Averages:
Give yourself so many chances that you don’t need luck. No matter what you’re doing or which client you work with, put yourself in a position where good old fashioned hard work is all you need to reach success, not luck. If you want to build a strong organization, you need to master the concept and the mindset that relates to the law of averages and teach it to everyone around you.
Pillar II – Simplicity
If you make something more complicated than what it needs to be, you’ll confuse people. If you keep things simple, it will make more sense. The more successful someone becomes, the more desirable their position should be right? However, with more success comes more responsibility. If you want to be successful you have to be able to replicate yourself, delegate responsibility, and empower the people around you. This is impossible if you are the only one that understands how to do the task at hand. 
Pillar III – Maintaining Attitude & Enthusiasm
HAVE FUN! Increase your face value with a smile. If you see someone who isn’t smiling, give them yours. Never forget that the look on your face sets the tone. There is no easier way to begin to build the right rapport with someone then to smile.
ENTHUSIASM! Demonstrate a level of enthusiasm that triggers a mood increase in the people around you. Attitude is the first determining factor to whether or not someone is interested in listening to what you have to say. If you are warm and respectful, most likely, you will reflect that back upon yourself from the people around you. Some people may not reflect those feelings visually, but they will feel it inside. When that happens, you have won the battle already. Kill people with genuine kindness and integrity. 
ATTITUDE! A great attitude does not necessarily have to come naturally, you can choose it. Select the attitude that will benefit you the most and make a conscious choice to apply that consistently. In time, it becomes easier and automatic.
In conclusion, success is a choice. Choose to be successful by doing the right things with work ethic, keeping things simple, maintaining your attitude, and having enthusiasm. Everyone is looking for the key to success, well, there it is.

Northeast Consulting Group, Inc’s Employee Spotlight Khayree Johnson!


Each week the representatives at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc vote among themselves about who they feel like is being a prime example of what it takes to get promoted into management inside and outside of the office. This week, Khayree Johnson received the Employee Spotlight award for the second time! So, we decided to see what really makes Khayree tick and continue to be such a positive example in the work environment!

 Khayree has been in the company for about six months now. During that time he proved how much of an asset he can truly be to Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. He has been an instrumental part of the training and development of numerous employees and still manages to continue to further his own personal development to stay on pace to achieve his personal career goals.

 Khayree’s success is centered around his goal oriented attitude. His biggest motivation to be successful is to be able to show his friends and family that all of the hard work he has done in his life will soon pay off. More importantly, he wants to set the right example for his daughter and show her that having the right attitude and work ethic is the key to success in your career. Khayree’s internal drive is centered around his family and working hard now so have the means to spend time with them.

 Khayree’s short term goal for his next three months at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc includes him achieving his second promotion in the company to Assistant Management! His long term goal that he plans to complete in the next five years is to be a top consultant in our organization. The first thing Khayree will do when he achieves that goal is to take a vacation out of the country with his family and then buy his dream car!

 All of us at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc are so proud of Khayree Johnson and what he has accomplished in the short time that he’s been with us. Learning more about him only reinforces what we already knew, that Khayree will be an instrumental part of the success within our company and will do big things with his life and his career!

Northeast Consulting Group, Inc’s Newest Corporate Trainer Bill Hubler!



Northeast Consulting Group, Inc invites you to learn about our Newest Corporate Trainer, Bill Hubler! Bill had been an employee of the company for less than one month before he earned his first promotion. Bill came in with an entrepreneurial mindset that helped him quickly achieve his first set of goals to start moving forward with his career at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. So, we decided to get to know him a little bit better and see what really makes him tick.


Bill grew up locally, right here in Trumbull, Connecticut. He attended Trumbull High School with his friends and enjoyed every minute of it. He is currently still enrolled at Eastern Connecticut State University and will be earning his degree this May! Congratulations Bill!


Growing up, Bill was loved to stay busy and was always involved in sports. He played football, lacrosse, and ran track. His favorite sport to watch is Football and he is a big time New York Giants fan! To this day, he still loves to play sports and stay busy. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding in the winter, camping in the summer, and basically just doing anything he can outside!


Throughout his life, Bill has been influenced by his Dad. He watched his career path and saw him work hard and believes that it shaped him into the person he is today and gave him his optimistic attitude and tremendous work ethic. Bill said, “Since I was young, I watched my Dad work hard and still manage to have a lot of fun. That’s how I hope to be some day.” From what we have seen from Bill so far, it seems he is on track to have that lifestyle.


Career wise, Bill has some big goals set for himself during his time at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. In the next three months his goal is to become consistent in the basic skills that he’s learned so far so he can start running development stations and transferring his knowledge to others within the company. In the next nine to twelve months Bill plans to bring himself closer to his next promotion of Assistant Management and even be part of one of our expansion teams! Within the next five years, Bill plans to be a successful Manager within the organization and have a big house, big yard, a brand new car, and his big dog right along with him!


All of us here at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc are so proud to have Bill Hubler be a member of our organization and cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us!

Is Anything REALLY Impossible?

Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. Reviews Roger Bannister

It’s Only Impossible Until Someone Makes It Possible

It’s a common notion that when someone says something is impossible, it is usually because someone has not done it yet. If everyone went along with this ideal, we would not have many of the common luxury items that we have now such as: internet, television, computers, cell phones, phones, and airplanes. As people, it is normal for us to doubt what we have not seen proven to be true. But, why is anything impossible? If we have goals, dreams, or visions, why do we not do everything we can to make those things our reality? Whether or not we like to admit it, the biggest reason is because doing something that has never been done takes an incalculable amount of hard work and dedication. One of Northeast Consulting Group, Inc’s favorite stories comes from runner, Roger Bannister. He did something that people said could not be done and he changed the way people viewed competitive running just from his achievements. In case you did not know Roger Bannister is most well known for being the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes.
Before he reached this achievement, everyone said that running a mile in less than four minutes was impossible and it couldn’t be done. The year after Bannister was able to run the three minute mile, 27 other people achieved this task. So, what changed? The mile did not get any shorter and time did not tick any slower. The difference was in the mentality of the people attempting to reach this milestone. After Bannister ran the mile in under four minutes, everyone knew that it was possible. They did not let their mind limit their belief as to what was possible. The mindset shifted from, “I don’t know if I can do this, it hasn’t been done,” to “If he can do it, I can do it.”
The moral of this story is to remember that our mindset about a task, our goals, and what we are capable of as individuals can limit our success. The mind is a powerful thing and if you truly believe you can do something, then you can.
“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn


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Northeast Consulting Group, Inc Employee Spotlight! Gerald Blackwell!



Each week, Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. gives the employees an opportunity to vote among themselves on who they feel like has been stepping up and setting the pace within the office. This week, the employees at Northeast Consulting Group nominated Gerald Blackwell for the Employee Spotlight! So, we decided to get to know him a little better!

Gerald was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut. During high school he moved to Derby, but upon graduation went back to his home town. After Gerald finished high school, he attended the Institute of Audio Research and studied Business and Audio Engineering. Currently, Gerald resides in Seymour, Connecticut.

Growing up, Gerald played wide receiver in football and point guard or shooting guard in basketball. He loves sports! His favorites to watch are football, basketball, and boxing. Gerald’s favorite football team is the Oakland Raiders and his favorite boxer is Roy Jones, Jr.

For fun, Gerald likes to keep it pretty simple. He likes spending time with his friends, playing his Playstation, and playing sports. Something that most people don’t know about Gerald is that he likes to spend time in the recording studio making music and rapping! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little bit better Gerald! We can’t wait to see what else you’ll accomplish in 2014!



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Northeast Consulting Group, Inc Reviews, The Natural Laws of the Mind

Northeast Consulting Group Reviews the Natural Laws of the Mind

Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. is a privately owned firm that specializes in direct marketing, brand building, public relations, and consulting for Fairfield County.




Within Northeast Consulting Group we focus a lot of the development of our employees in a professional setting. In general, the place that people need the most development is in the area of mental toughness. Successful leaders, business people, and athletes all agree that the the mind is the most powerful force that determines an individuals success. So, in preparation for one of our morning meetings, we came across this article, What are the Natural Laws of the Mind, by Laura King.
Law #1: What You Think is What You Get
– Any image placed into the subconscious mind develops into reality with absolute accuracy. A single thought will never make nor break our life; but a habit of thought will. You cannot think defeat and be victorious. When you change your thoughts, you change your mind.
**Your day is determined by your actions. If you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” you’ll have a bad day. Putting positive thoughts into your day and into your life will translate into positive results. If you envision a successful, productive, and positive day, that’s what you’ll have.**
Law #2: Every Thought Causes a Physical Reaction
Your thoughts affect all of the functions of your body. Our personal body chemistry is guided and triggered by our emotions. However, thought leads the emotions. you can make yourself sick, poor, and unhappy by your habitual thinking. People do not realize that it is a law that you become what you dwell upon. 
**Are you excited about your day? Smile, people can hear it even if they can’t see you. Show people you truly care about what you’re doing, what you’re saying. If you will something to be it will be.**
Law #3: Imagination is More Powerful than Knowledge
Images are the property of the subconscious mind. Those images will always overpower what you think. In fact, an idea accompanied by a strong emotion usually cannot be modified through the use of their reason. However, by subconscious re-programming, one can easily and effortlessly remove, alter, or amend any old idea. 
**Envision your goals. Be specific in picturing what you want in life. Print out pictures, write out your goals, the power of visualization is key to achieving your goals in life.**
Law #4: Your Habits are Your Life
Life is full of habits. Habits are a series of actions that become more or less automatic. 98% of what we do, we do by habit, spontaneously. Each separate act, good or bad, plays a part in making you what you are. it is never too late to change our habits. Remember that success is a habit and failure is a habit. Repetition forms positive habits and negative ones.
**Make being successful a habit. The only time you fail is when you give up. Constantly giving up on your goals and ambitions creates the habit of failure. But, changing your approach and continuing to try forms a habit of determination which ultimately will lead to creating the habit of success. Focus on making all your actions positive ones and forming successful habits.**   
Law #5: Don’t Breed Negative Thoughts
As you probably have learned though experience, the more attention and power you give to your fears, the more they affect you and the more likely they are to manifest themselves.
**If you’re afraid of the dark, you’ll always start to hear strange noises or see manifest shadows that will scare you when trying to go to sleep. If you thing negatively about your day, “Today is going to be a bad day.” More than likely, you’ll end up having a bad day.**
Law #6: Attitude is a Matter of Choice
– An attitude is the way that you look at life. Attitude affects the body and how the body performs. Fortunately, we all have the innate ability to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances. The events that occur in our lives are purely neutral. They are not positive until we have decided that they are, and they are not negative until we decide they are.
**It all goes back to creating habits. Having a positive, optimistic outlook on life is a choice. If you choose to do it everyday, eventually it will become a habit. Thus, improving all aspects of your life.**
Law #7: Reactions Must Be Managed
The law is the outcome to the previous one. Just as you can manage your attitude, you can manage your reaction to things. What happens in your life is purely neutral, but how you react to what happens is not, it can affect your performance, your mood, and your overall well being.
**Everyone is dealt a set of cards for their life, it’s how you play that hand that matters. It’s about viewing every situation in a way that is only going to benefit you and your life moving forward and not succumbing to the negative feelings that could be associated with an event.**
Law #8: Thoughts Must Be Kept Alive
– No thought is self-sustaining in the mind — it must be nurtured, fed, and kept alive. The conscious mind recognizes an idea as true, correct, and guiding. An idea, one accepted, tends to remain until it is replaced by another idea or until it is forgotten. Once an idea has been accepted, there is obstruction to replacing it with a new idea. The longer an idea remains, the more it tends to become a fixed habit of thinking. This is how habits are formed, both good and bad – first the thought, then the action. Therefore, if we wish to change our actions, we must begin by changing our thoughts. 
**Your actions speak louder than your words. It’s one thing to say that you’re going to do something, it’s another to actually take action and do it. Plant the right seeds in your mind and nurture them into the right habits and actions that you want to portray to the people around you.**
Law #9: Attitude of Gratitude
– One of the laws of the universe is what you put forth comes back to you and usually when it does, it has gained mass and momentum. In other words, what goes around comes around. Therefore, if you develop an attitude of gratitude, and you look at your life in terms of all you have to be grateful for, focusing on positive things, then more positive things will be attracted to you. 
**This one is simple, Karma. Instead of focusing on what others have, or negativity, focus on what you have and find the positive. If you put out positive energy, that is what you will receive in return.**
This article just makes sense. It’s about toughening up your mind and training your thoughts to focus on the right things. Negativity will consume someone and ultimately lead to unhappiness. The most successful people in any given field have mastered this concept. This is one of the biggest areas areas that Northeast Consulting Group wants to help it’s employees develop in. A strong mind, translates into a strong person, which translates into a successful person.
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Featured Employee Khayree Johnson!

ImageEach week the employees at Northeast Consulting group nominate someone who they feel has been demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and setting the pace in the office. This week, they nominated Khayree Johnson for our Employee Spotlight! Khayree has been with the company for five months and has already shown tremendous growth within our company. He quickly achieved his first promotion and is putting himself on the fast track to management! So, we decided to get to know Khayree a little better!

Khayree was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. After high school, he made the move to Connecticut to pursue a career in carpentry. After a few years working within his trade, Khayree decided to change his career path and started working here at Northeast Consulting Group.

While growing up, Khayree really enjoyed playing sports. He took any opportunity he could to play football or a pickup game of basketball. Khayree is still a big sports fan. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Lakers for basketball and the Saint Louis Rams for football.

In Khayree’s free time, he enjoys playing basketball, working out, playing video games, and bowling. When it comes to hidden talents, Khayree admits that he sure knows his way around the kitchen! He also loves music and even writes and produces some of his own!

Moving forward, Khayree has set some big goals for himself. He is determined to continue to advance his career with Northeast Consulting Group and reach his promotion to Management within one year of his start date!

Thanks for letting us get to know you a little bit better Khayree! All of us here at Northeast Consulting Group are so proud of you and what you have accomplished in the last few months with our company! We can’t wait to see what else you’ll achieve in 2014!

Featured Employee — Rob Conte!


Each week the representatives at Northeast Consulting Group get together and nominate someone who they feel like has been stepping up and setting the pace in the office. This week, Rob Conte is our Featured Employee! Rob has only been with the company for three months, but he has already shown us how valuable he is. He has demonstrated his natural leadership ability and has been a part of the training and development of many of his peers.

So, we decided to get to know Rob a little bit better! Rob was born and raised in Shelton, Connecticut. He currently resides in Derby, Connecticut. He is currently attending Norwalk Community College and is studying Computer Science and Web Development/Programming.

While attending high school, Rob was part of the Wrestling Team, but he does enjoy playing basketball for fun. He also has a passion for philanthropy and volunteered at Relay for Life.

Where sports are concerned, Rob is a diehard New York Knicks fan and loves to come into work every day decked out in Knicks gear, haha! He also likes the New York Mets, New York Rangers, and randomly the Indianapolis Colts!

In Rob’s free time, he likes to play basketball, hang out with his childhood friends, and spend as much time as possible with his nieces and God Daughter.

I asked Rob if he had any hidden talents or random hobbies. He told me that something most people don’t know about him is that he is great at math. But, for the most part he likes to play Frisbee, play the drums, and pretty much go with the flow and do whatever seems like fun at the time!

Thanks for letting us get to know you a little bit better Rob! Everyone at Northeast Consulting Group is so proud of you for what you were able to accomplish in such a short time in 2013. We can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store for us coming up in 2014!

Countdown to 2014 for Northeast Consulting Group!

Looking back, 2013 was a stellar year for Northeast Consulting Group. We were able to expand to three additional offices, promote two Assistant Managers, and add an additional campaign to our office. By far, our most successful year yet!

With phenomenal leadership given by Owner, Jolene Foor,  Northeast Consulting Group continued to uphold it’s standards of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence for our client.  Because of that, the goals we have set for 2014 are even bigger than we had originally planned.

With the addition of our second campaign, we are looking to expand to four additional locations in 2014 and promote an additional 3 Assistant Managers. As much success as we achieved in 2013, Northeast Consulting Group is excited to countdown to 2014 and continue to provide opportunity for our employees and keep our company expanding!