Advice for New Grads from Emily, 2015 Graduate of U Bridgeport

ncg-inc-emily-2As NCG, Inc is currently hiring for entry level positions in Trumbull, we thought, why not share the stories of some of our management trainees who have recently graduated? One of our trainers, Emily, who has been progressing a mile a minute, seemed like the perfect choice to kick off our new blog series.

Emily Ngaopraseutsack graduated from the University of Bridgeport (UB) in 2015 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice and Prelaw. A fun and little known fact about UB is that it was ranked number 10 as the most racially diverse national university in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Pretty cool! With an undergraduate class of only around 2,800, the Purple Knights of UB are a tight knit community.

bridgeportWe heard from the president of NCG, Inc, Jolene Foor, that Emily was really involved in campus life, and after interviewing her, we couldn’t agree more! Here’s what Emily had to say:

Tell us about your college experience! We hear you were involved in lots of campus activities…

I took part in the psychology club, Student Support Service as well as many internships and volunteer work. In the student support service program I was a mentor for the new students starting from when they started their freshman years throughout their college experience and life.

What about internships?

I was an intern for Adult Probation for 13 months and the Bridgeport Police Department for 5 months. It was a fun and exciting experience for both internships. I would have to say the one I most enjoyed was interning for the Bridgeport Police Department. I was the Sergeant’s Assistant working along side the Sergeant being his right hand man. It was an amazing experience where I was able to experience the office atmosphere as well as the real world patrolling for Police officers and Detectives.

We’re curious: Are you utilizing your degree?

ncg-inc-emily-1I am actually utilizing my degree. I use my knowledge of psychology to read people from their body language, words they speak, and tone of voice so I am able to adapt to them. My degree also helps me understand people from their perspective and the way they think.

What advice do you have for someone who is graduating from college this year and trying to find their first job?

Some advice I would give to someone who is graduating from college this year and trying to find their first job is to be open and explore all options. At first it may be out of someone’s comfort zone, but if he or she has an open mind to new experiences and options, then he or she will succeed with hard work and determination. The famous quote that I live by is “What you put into it, is what you get out of it.”

Any other advice to those graduating this December?

As I was a college student, my advice would be to explore your options. You’re not stuck in just your field, you may not know what you might like or what you are capable of until you try new things. Don’t focus too much on school and work, also have a balance between a work life and a social life. Don’t stress yourself out because you don’t have things figured out. It takes time and trying new things to explore your talents and capabilities to find something you love to do and what you are good at.

All we can say is thank you, Emily, for sharing all of your words of wisdom! There’s nothing quite like receiving advice from someone who has just been where you’re headed. As December graduations come around before we know it, NCG, Inc is looking forward to the opportunity to work with the newest generation of professionals!

NCG, Inc Represents at Industry Event in Dallas


NCG, Inc understands that in order to deliver top notch results for our clients, our scope must be much broader than Trumbull, Connecticut. One way this is accomplished is by regularly attending industry events around the country. It is an opportunity for employees and management to learn from other industry professionals, meet with clients, receive recognition from peers, as well as travel and have some fun!

Recently, the NCG, Inc leadership team had the opportunity to be present at an invite-only annual conference in Dallas, Texas. It was an action-packed weekend and it did not disappoint! On Saturday morning, conference attendees met for breakfast to fuel up for the day before joining the General Session hosted by top performers in the industry. The conference attendees were then divided into smaller groups to receive more personalized coaching, given by some of the most respected and knowledgeable business leaders.

Jolene and Laura enjoying cocktail hour

After a full day of soaking up knowledge, it was time for cocktail hour! NCG, Inc and the rest of the conference participants were dressed to impress in formal attire, anxiously awaiting the awards dinner and show! This was the perfect time to catch up with colleagues from around the country that may only get together at these types of events –- somewhat of a reunion. The awards dinner and show were the grand finale. Seeing people recognized for all of their accomplishments over the previous year reminds everyone of what the daily grind truly leads to.

The president of NCG, Inc, Jolene Foor, shared her thoughts on the Dallas event: “These events are a great reminder that no matter your background – you, too, can be successful. There’s no secret recipe… you don’t need a business degree or a ton of experience. All you need is a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. It’s also great to see what that success can lead to. To me, the biggest motivator is having the freedom to spend as much time as I want with my family and the financial ability to do so – vacations, picking my future kids up from school and more.”

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Gabby and Laura en route to Dallas

Through the eyes of a new team member: NCG, Inc

A new employee of NCG, Inc reviews his experience with our Trumbull firm.

Leadership team enjoying a recent trip to Dallas, TX

NCG, Inc operates on the philosophy that each team member should have the ability to prove him or herself on the job and earn advancement opportunities based upon proven performance. This gives managers a unique perspective because they have ‘seen and done it all.’ It also provides them with a solid foundation of skills that will help guide them as they continue to grow in their careers.

Here in our Connecticut-based firm, there is no seniority; there’s only performance — a sigh of relief for those who have been turned down by numerous companies because they did not have the required experience.

Chris Hurylovich

Chris Hurylovich, for example, has only been working with NCG, Inc for three months -– yet, he has quickly proven himself as an asset to the Trumbull team. We caught up with Chris to pick his brain about his experience of working with the company and here’s what we found out!

Can you tell us about your manager at NCG, Inc? What’s it like working for her?

First and foremost, I must say that I’ve been blessed and privileged to be working with Jolene. She’s by far one of the most knowledgeable and inspiring people I have gotten to know to date. The things she values are fairly simple: she wants to see her colleagues be successful and live a great life, just as much as she wants that for herself. Her personality is great and she’s very witty and comical with the perfect balance of professional relationships as well. I would have to say all of her corny jokes make me laugh on a day to day basis. The best part about working with her is that every day I’m learning something new in both personal and professional ways.

How about your co-workers, what is the team dynamic like?

I work with absolutely amazing people; they are so inspired and ambitious. NCG, Inc is a breeding ground for success and everybody is always willing to lend a helping hand. Success breeds success, that’s the mantra here.

NCG, Inc puts a large emphasis on doing things together as a team outside of the office. What have been some of your favorite events and why do you think they are important?

So far, have I have definitely enjoyed the times when we played kickball and volleyball after work. I’m very competitive so some office competition is always a blast. Our office get togethers are a great way for our team to bond and really build relationships in a less professional setting. It’s also a great way to unwind.

Thanks, Chris, for sharing this great feedback!

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She’s Doing It All: Meet Laura Amiot

This bossbabe is doing it all!

When NCG, Inc (Trumbull, CT) recognizes one of our top performers, we do it big. Picture this… A corporate ballroom filled with 800+ of your peers. All eyes on the stage. And your name is announced. You walk up (careful not to trip) receiving high fives along the way. You are being recognized for the outstanding leadership that you’ve been exemplifying. This was the case for Laura Amiot at a northeastern industry conference this past April.

NCG, Inc President Jolene Foor selected Laura for this award because she is a great example to others in business. She also explained that Laura does an exceptional job leading and managing a team. This is, in part, due to her ability to communicate effectively; asking questions and focusing on the facts of a situation. Laura is also a go-getter, “I see her taking on new responsibilities before she’s even officially trained on them!” says Jolene.

Laura and her daughter

Laura was born in Whittier, California and raised in Chino, California. She loves the outdoors, especially hiking, camping and fishing. “I grew up SCUBA diving and surfing, so any chance I get to travel and do that I do it,” Laura added. This business savvy, surfing, camping woman is also a mother to a 5 year old little girl. What an amazing example. Some of their favorite things to do together are going to the park and exploring other fun places around the area.

When asked ‘what makes working for NCG, Inc great or different?’ Laura summed it up for us. “I love the opportunity to learn from my coworkers and to help my team succeed. I also love that I am not chained to a desk; being able to go out to visit business owners is something I never thought I would be able to do but, in fact, I love everything about it! I am learning more about myself through this position than I have anywhere else. I have gained an immense amount of confidence and seen how much I can truly accomplish. NCG, Inc is different from previous jobs I’ve had because of the opportunity I have to move up so quickly based on merit.”

Although Laura has had a lot of accomplishments at NCG, Inc already – she’s not slowing down! Her goals are to be able to consult and mentor entrepreneurs around the country to help their businesses thrive. Personally, she sees herself being married and watching her family grow.

Stay tuned to hear about Laura’s inevitable promotion to Assistant Management in the coming months! You can follow our Trumbull-based firm on Instagram @ NCGinc to keep tabs!

3 Pearls of Wisdom You’ll Need if You Want to Be Successful

The management training program at NCG, Inc is a great way to learn about business — but it’s also a great way to learn about life. Here are some pearls of wisdom that our management trainees in Trumbull, CT have picked up:

1. You’ll never change whatever you make excuses about.
“It’s not my fault, it’s my upbringing… genes… family… past… friends… emotional issues… busy schedule… the weather… the economy…” Making excuses is an extremely self-sabotaging habit. Every time you make an excuse, it takes you farther and farther away from your goal.

Think about it: while an excuse takes you off the hook in the short term, it does nothing for your end game. If you want to actually make positive changes in your life, you absolutely must be honest with yourself about where you need improvement.

shutterstock_184561676It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and be honest about whether you’re giving 100% or making excuses. At NCG, Inc we believe that the moment you decide to own up to your actions is the moment you start moving forwards instead of backwards. Ditching excuses is a non-negotiable part of earning success in your career.

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. Make your integrity your calling card.
There are few things more important in life and in business than integrity. Doing the right thing is everything. It’s also a quality that will immediately set you apart from the majority.

There is a tremendous difference between doing what’s right when it’s convenient or being publicly acknowledged — versus doing the right thing when it’s a hassle or when no one is looking. Integrity is not only a character trait, but it’s a decision that each of us must make every single time we are faced with a challenging situation. “How do I want to handle this… the easy way, or the right way?”

“Would you want to do business with a person who was 99% honest?”
-Sydney Madwed

3. Don’t stop working on yourself.
It happens to all of us: we work really hard, earn some success, ride the wave, get comfortable… and stop learning. Life gets busy and sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to eat breakfast, let alone worry about self-improvement.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really should read more,” “I’d love to learn how to play the piano,” “I wish I knew how to ballroom dance,” “I’d love to be able to run a half marathon”… and then just as quickly as you fantasized about your new skills, you dismissed them, telling yourself that you can’t afford the time or the money. One of the key differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that the former see self-development as a priority. When is the last time you expanded your horizons and learned something new?

“Every year, I take on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside my work at Facebook. My challenges in recent years have been to read two books every month, learn Mandarin and meet a new person every day.”
-Mark Zuckerberg

Success is rarely a coincidence. The better you become at putting these words of wisdom into action, the greater your chances are of reaching your goals.

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You’ll Never Be Successful Unless You Can Master This One Thing

There’s one key habit you’ll need if you want to make the most out of anything in life.

shutterstock_248863174The management training program here at NCG, Inc in Trumbull is centered around preparing our participants for a successful career in business. The topic of this blog post is one we discuss frequently at our firm, and something we consider crucial for any professional in any field.

:  What differentiates the people who earn above average success from those who fall in the middle? Why do some people become total rockstars in their fields and others remain totally unknown? Why do some entrepreneurs run thriving businesses while others struggle to pay the bills? Why are some individuals constantly growing and improving while others are stagnant? There’s an answer that is all-encompassing and actually quite simple. Are you ready for it?

Answer:  Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do. Successful people don’t want to do them either but they do them anyway.

BAM! You can take a moment to take that one in!

We’d argue that those 2 sentences contain the key to success in any aspect of life.

By nature, human beings steer clear of anything that is uncomfortable, anxiety-producing, difficult, or painful in one way or another. While perhaps this makes sense from a biological evolutionary perspective, avoiding “pain” is actually one of the worst things a person can do in life. Why? Because often, the right thing to do is actually the hardest.

Most people don’t feel like waking up extra early in the morning to exercise before work; yet, this would be a healthy habit for any individual to establish. Most people don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist; but, doing so prevents unnecessary tooth decay. Most people would rather not put on sunscreen at the beach, but the SPF helps prevent skin cancer.

Perhaps you noticed that there was a common coupling of words in the previous paragraph. “Most people.” The majority of the population feels a certain way about uncomfortable tasks, but only a small minority pushes past those feelings in order to do what is best for him or her. So, it goes without saying that if you want to achieve “above average” success, you have to be willing to do the things that most people are not.

So the next time you are fretting about whether you should take the extra time to plan your week even though you’d rather be watching Orange is the New Black; or the next time you stay late at the office helping your team instead of meeting your friends for happy hour; or the next time you move your paycheck into a savings account instead of spending it on a new outfit… stop and ask yourself if you’d be happy having the average success that most people have.

We invite you to take this on as a personal challenge. The next time you are struggling with the decision to do something difficult, go ahead and tell myself “that is exactly why I should do it.” Tell yourself, “most people wouldn’t do this, so that is exactly why I will!

Let us know how it goes!

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You Need to Master This One Thing if You Want to Be a Sales Rockstar

Never — we mean NEVER — start a sales pitch without establishing a rapport.

shutterstock_221143450In order for any business to succeed, it must master the art of driving revenue, AKA sales! We consider sales training to be an essential part of the management training program at NCG, Inc because it prepares our future branch managers for the necessary business skill of making money. Here you will find some great tips that will help you become the rockstar at sales that you’ll need to be if you’re seeking a successful business career.

Building rapport and establishing a mini relationship before discussing your product is an absolutely essential element of the sales process. If you’re struggling with this psychologically or you’re unable to put this into action, NCG, Inc is here to help!

“In theory, I’d like to build rapport, but the customer would rather that I cut to the chase…”
If you’ve had this thought before, in many ways you’d actually be right. Anyone you are pitching likely wants you to be efficient with your words. He’s busy, he doesn’t care what you have to say (YET), and he wants you to get a move on. HOWEVER, if you actually just cut to the chase without establishing a connection, you’re almost guaranteed to get a “no.” So yes, skipping the rapport might be faster, but your customer will miss out on a great offer and you will miss out on a sale.

It’s important to remember that establishing trust is 99% of the battle when it comes to sales. To give yourself even a modicum of opportunity to close a sale, you need to start your interaction off on the right foot. If you come across as pleasant, likable, and genuine, your customer will form a positive impression of you — which in turn, sets the stage for an extended conversation, and eventually a sale.

“That sounds easier said than done… How do I actually come across as pleasant, likable, and genuine?”
The easy answer here is to simply be yourself. Understandably, some people get nervous when they’re getting ready to make a pitch, so they feel unnatural and uneasy no matter what. Here are some specific things that you can do to make a positive impression:

  • Smile and laugh! Don’t be so serious.
  • Keep your volume and tone of voice friendly, but never overly so. Pretend you’re talking to someone you’ve known forever. A customer will spot immediately if you sound overly cheerful.
  • Make eye contact. Looking down or to the side will create distrust.
  • Practice relaxed body language. Keep it professional but don’t be too stiff either.
  • Pro tip: Share something personal.

“Why should I share something personal… and what should I share?”
The reason to share something about yourself is because it builds trust. Unless you’ve known your customer for many months, they probably know very little about you. Especially if you’re making a cold or warm pitch, it’s important to recognize that your customer views you as a “salesperson” and not a “person.” That is, until you change that! It’s easy to turn yourself into a “person” by telling the customer about yourself. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • You walk into a customer’s office and see a picture of his family on vacation. You say, “That makes me so excited for the vacation I’m going on with my family next month during my little sister’s school break!”. Now your customer knows that you are family-oriented and that you have a younger sister.
  • Fourth of July weekend is coming up. You say, “Are you getting excited for the 4th? My fiancé and I are going to see the fireworks in New Haven this weekend!” Now your customer knows that you live in the same community and that you are getting married.
  • You’re working with a customer at an accounting firm. You say, “I’m sad to tell you that Accounting was actually my worst subject when I was at Yale!” Now your customer knows that you went to a great school and that you’ve studied (or attempted to study) what they do for a living.

So why do these work? First, of all, it paints a small picture of you and reminds the customer that you’re a regular person with a life like she has. But second of all, each of these examples are just enough information to lead to questions from your customer, which will turn into a nice conversation! “Where are you going on vacation?”; “When are you getting married?”; “What did you study at Yale?”; and so on. You get the idea!

The more natural and normal of a conversation that you can have with your customer, the faster you are able to build trust. Instead of asking awkward questions and getting short answers and eventually a “no,” try these tips and challenge yourself to build a real and genuine relationship before getting to business. Happy selling!

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Recognizing the Difference Between Skill and Will: An Essential Task of Leadership

The Management Training Program at NCG, Inc provides hands-on training and leadership experience to all of its participants. In learning how to manage a group of people, whether small or large, there are common obstacles that all leaders face. For this week’s blog post, we decided to delve into an interesting topic of leadership.

Bizior Photography -
Credit: Bizior Photography

If you’ve ever led a team, the following scenario will likely look familiar to you: You’ve got a team member with loads of potential. Let’s call him Ed. He seems bright, he’s got a solid education, he comes from a great family, he dresses sharp, he’s got tons of charisma… BUT… he doesn’t perform. You monitor his progress and he seems to be consistently dropping the ball. You wonder to yourself: “How can this be? Suzie, who doesn’t have half of his attributes or advantages, is totally kicking his butt!” Now it’s time to play doctor and diagnose Ed. Why is this apparent stud not getting the job done?

Our natural instinct, more than likely, is to assume that he lacks motivation. He’s sharp, he’s been successful before, so he’s simply failing because he isn’t bringing a strong work ethic to his current role. Right??…

NO! Not necessarily!

What we’re less likely to consider is that Ed is struggling with his new responsibilities because he lacks the essential knowledge to perform. He’s outside of his comfort zone and doesn’t know what he’s doing. What Ed needs, in this scenario, is most definitely not a pep talk. What he needs is actually a lesson. He needs the information and the practice necessary to perform at a higher level.

The ability to correctly distinguish between “skill” and “will” when it comes to the Eds of the world is a trait that all successful leaders possess. It’s easy to get frustrated with the members of our team for not carrying their weight, simply because we forget to verify that their toolboxes are filled with what’s needed to complete the job.

What are the consequences of failing to coach Ed correctly? This part should be obvious! We miss out on getting to work with them in their full glory. Not only do we fail to unleash their potential, but we often lose them as team members altogether. This is a lose lose situation that is easily avoided by an accurate diagnosis.

This is a phenomenon expertly addressed by Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory. Here at NCG, Inc we are big fans of this framework, and we highly suggest it to anyone looking to improve his or her leadership abilities.

As we head into the new week and the final week of May, we encourage you to think about this concept in regard to the people you manage. Our Trumbull-based team wishes you a successful week and we can’t wait to hear your feedback about how an awareness of “skill” versus “will” affects your coaching style.

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3 Career-Changing Lessons from Mark Cuban that are Perfect for May Grads

shutterstock_414398803At NCG, Inc we are big believers in constant learning being one of the keys to success. Several of our team members are reading an excellent book by billionaire, Mark Cuban, called How to Win at the Sport of Business. If you haven’t picked up a physical copy or downloaded it on Audible yet, we’d highly recommend it — it’s short, sweet, easy to read, and jam-packed with useful life and business lessons. If you enjoy Cuban’s pearls of wisdom on Shark Tank, then you’ll undoubtedly find this a great read. Our team at NCG, Inc is growing in leaps and bounds, and many of our newest additions are recent graduates who are completing their degrees this May. With this in mind, we decided to share some of the biggest takeaways from Cuban’s book, in hopes of passing along some incredibly useful tips for those just beginning their careers!

Lesson #1: It’s not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing.

Mark Cuban is a big proponent that the best equity is sweat equity. There’s a huge difference between thinking about what you want and actually taking action and going through the tough times in order to earn those things. Cuban admitted that just like the rest of us, before he became successful, “[he] would drive by big houses and wonder who lived there — every weekend [he] would do it. What did they do for a living? How did they make their money? Someday, [he] would tell himself, [he] would live in a house like that.” What separated this billionaire from the pack was his willingness to endure the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to earn one of the big beautiful homes that he admired. This is an incredibly essential realization for recent graduates and career veterans, alike, who are striving to be successful. This is also a lesson that we aim to impart to all of our management trainees at NCG, Inc. If you want it, work for it! Simple as that.

Lesson #2One of the smartest things you can do is get paid to learn.

shutterstock_380248333If we may say so ourselves, Mark Cuban is right on the money with this one! Pun intended! Think about it: As as a recent grad, you’ve just spent the last four years paying a hefty tuition trying to get an education. It’s time to put that education to use; and not only that, but take your education to the next level. One of the absolute best ways to learn is to do. Whether you love or hate what you’re doing, every experience you undertake is of value. As Cuban writes in his book, “Now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to get paid to learn. And what if you aren’t a recent college grad? The same logic applies. It is time to get paid to learn.” This is precisely what we aim to provide through the NCG, Inc Management Training Program offered in Trumbull. Gaining hands-on business experience is incredible preparation for any career in business — or any career dealing with people, for that matter. Better yet, our management trainees are paid to learn these invaluable lessons. We consider this a huge win, win.

Lesson #3Your ability to handle adversity will determine your success.

One of the most fascinating anecdotes in this book is about Mark Cuban’s first business, Microsolutions. He shares the details of building a company and growing a customer base during first two years in business, and what an accomplishment it was to finally bank 85 thousand dollars. We then learn of his dismay to discover that his secretary had managed to steal 83 thousand dollars from his company by whiting out the vendor names on checks, and replacing it with her own. Wow.

Before we finish telling you the story, take a moment to absorb what it would be like to have 98 percent of your earnings from two years wiped out in a single day. Deep breath. Talk about a challenge to maintain a positive attitude!

Cuban’s reaction? Certainly not one of an average-earning individual — and clearly, rather, one of a future billionaire. After trying his best to recover the lost money and discovering it was in vain, he did the following: “I had to go back to work… what was done, was done… worrying about revenge, getting pissed at the bank, all those ‘I’m going to get even and kick your ass thoughts’ were basically just a waste of energy. No one was going to cover my obligations but me. I had to get my ass back to work, and do so quickly. That’s exactly what I did.”

If you think about what the “average” person would have done in this situation, it’s probably not that. In all likelihood, most people would have been deeply discouraged and might have gone back to a “stable” or “secure” lifestyle as an employee at someone else’s company. Needless to say, Mark Cuban’s entrepreneurial journey did not end with this set back.

We’ll leave you with a final quote from this wise businessman: “Everyone gets down; the key is how soon you get back up.” Bam!

shutterstock_415020703At NCG, Inc, we strive daily to learn from the best — and Mark Cuban is undoubtedly the best. We find comfort in knowing that even this billionaire faced tough times. Even he had to work hard to achieve his dreams. When you look at successful people, it’s easy to see only the final product and be in awe of how “lucky” they are; but, reading a book like “How to Win at the Sport of Business” is an excellent way to remember all that went into the achievement of massive success. Whether you are 20 years into your career, or you are celebrating your graduation this weekend, these are lessons that you should absorb and remember forever.

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NCG, Inc: New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

16 Things You Should Say GOODBYE To In 2016!

Every year we make New Years Resolutions. Things that we want to start doing to better our lives. Exercising, eating right, saving money, getting a new job, learning a new language, etc. Sadly, most of us only stick with these things for a few weeks and then we go right back to our old habits. We’re human, it happens. So, this year, NCG, Inc wants to help our people set themselves up for happiness and success in their future. Maybe instead of adding new things to our lives, we should focus on saying goodbye to things instead. With that thought process in mind, we found this amazing article about the 16 things you should leave behind in 2015 and not take with you into the new year. We shared it with our people and now we want to share it with you!

1. Say goodbye to the voices in your head.
Stop listening to the voices in your head that tell you you’re incapable of doing something or being someone. The thing about those voices is that they lie, a lot. You should know that by now.
2. Say goodbye to the need for validation.
We all need some validation from time to time, that’s fine. But, we need to stop pursuing it. As long as you see your potential and how far you’ve come, you don’t need to seek out others to affirm that for you.
3. Say goodbye to embarrassment. 
We all have moments that we’re not so proud of. Forget them. Remember that you’re human! No matter how old you are, you’re still learning how to live.
4. Say goodbye to broken promises.
Let go of the promises you didn’t keep or that others didn’t keep to you. Remember that good things take time and timing is everything.
5. Say goodbye to self doubt. 
Everyone will doubt themselves from time to time. In 2016 it’s time to stop doing that. Say goodbye to the self doubt and negativity that 2015 might have brought. This year may not have given you the happy ending you wanted, but it could be the happy beginning  you didn’t see coming.
6. Say goodbye to sadness.
Forget about the times you cried and that you were in so much pain. Forgive yourself for getting through yet another obstacle. Sooner or later you’ll get to the finish line.
7. Say goodbye to the people who don’t care. 
If people have written you off or don’t want anything to do with you, then let it be. They’re not meant to be in your life for one reason or another. Focus on the ones who do and the ones who care.
8. Say goodbye to old memories.
Let that memory that you keep playing over and over in your head go, good or bad. Focus on your future and create new memories, live in the present and leave the past in the past.
9. Say goodbye to virtual addiction.
Too many of us are obsessed with our phones and social media. Spend time with real people and nature. Remember, too much of anything is never a good thing and will eventually suffocate you.
10. Say goodbye to expectations.
All of us had painted a pretty picture of what our lives would look like at 25, 30, 35, 40… etc. That we should have accomplished this or that by a certain age. Life can be messy, the last thing you need is to get yourself attached to the chaos. Things change, sometimes they change for the better.
11. Say goodbye to people who made you love yourself a little less. 
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” <– LIE. Words can and do hurt. It’s time to let go of the words that people may have said to you that caused you to love yourself less. Think of how little those people really know about your life and your journey to who you’ve become today. Most likely, these people said things to hurt you because they wanted to feel better about themselves. Those people are cancers and what do you do with cancer? You cut it out. Say goodbye to those people and the words they said to you.
12. Say goodbye to regret.
Inevitably there were times in your past where you were immature, out of line or had no common sense. Those moments shouldn’t cause you regret. Those moments should remind you that you’re not perfect, no one is. You’re a work in progress, your mistakes are learning experiences. Focus on your future and not repeating your mistakes instead of crippling yourself with the past.
13. Say goodbye to the people who don’t miss you back.
It’s one of the most painful feelings to miss someone who doesn’t miss you back. Start doing things for you, eventually you won’t miss them anymore. Those people don’t matter, there are more people in your life now that miss you more than you know.
14. Say goodbye to your “plan.”
It’s time to forget about the trip you didn’t take, the city you never went to, the opportunities you missed. Learn that not everything will go as planned. No matter how hard you try, you can’t ALWAYS be in control.
15. Say goodbye to your flaws.
Stop pointing out every little flaw that you see about yourself when you look in the mirror. Forget about the times when you didn’t like the way the person you were seeing looked. Buy a new mirror if you have to. But, most importantly start liking who you see and the person who is looking back at you. Change the way you look at yourself.
Don’t fall into the thought process that nothing will ever change and that things will always be the same. Say hello to the possibilities, dreams, and opportunities that are waiting to manifest themselves for you.
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