Benefits of List Making

When we think of list-making, we tend to think of work, obligatory tasks and time restraints. It’s difficult to think of list-making as a means of relaxation, stress relief or even fun. Why would anyone ever want to sit around and write a list if they didn’t have to?!

Writing is a means of escape for many people. Whether it be journaling, writing stories or list-making, writing has always been a great release and one of the best ways to increase self-awareness.

Next time you’re feeling down, stressed or unmotivated, write it out! Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. People who inspire you. Writing down a list of those who inspire you not only makes you stop to think of those who have really made an impact on you, but it helps to solidify what you want to get out of your life!
  2. Things that you’re grateful for. There’s no doubt that practicing gratefulness has considerable effects on one’s mood, outlook and overall attitude toward life. Taking the time to be thankful for what you have can be truly uplifting!
  3. Your Goals. It’s super important to revisit and write down your goals periodically. You’ve got to get excited about your life and get serious about making accomplishments!
  4. Your favorite self-care routines. Don’t forget about your favorite ways to pamper yourself! You need to fit in time for some good ole’ r&r.
  5. Your all-time favorite songs. There’s nothing like your favorite jam to take you to another place. Jot down your favorite songs of all time and create a few fun playlists!
  6. A to-do list. We know, we know…. This isn’t any fun. However, when you’re feeling stressed, just writing down your to-do list can lift a big weight off your shoulders. Sometimes, things seem so much worse when everything is swimming around in your head. Write it down and tackle it one at a time!
  7. Your happiest memories. How fun is it to reminisce?! Write down your favorite memories and use that list to make a scrapbook or share the stories with family or friends later on!
  8. A venting list. You know all of those negative thoughts, memories and emotions that keep popping up and nagging at you at inconvenient times? Those things you keep trying to avoid….. You need to work through them. Try writing them down! You’ll be surprised how good it feels to let it out.
  9. Your favorite quotes. The quotes that you feel in your soul resonate with you for a reason. Write them down and put them somewhere you can see them. Keep them as inspiration. A few words can have the power to transform your whole day, and ultimately, your life.
  10. A bucket list. Everyone should have a bucket list! Write down all of the things you would love to accomplish before you die-from the easily attainable to the nearly impossible. We only have one life. Dare to dream!

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