The President of NCG, Inc Wants To Spend The Day with This Celebrity

img_6006The president of NCG, Inc, Jolene Foor, is full of seemingly endless energy and passion. Anyone who has ever worked with her knows that she works harder than the average individual and invests time into relationships with her employees. So who does she look up to?

We decided to pull Jolene aside from her busy schedule to ask her this pressing question: “If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?” Jolene obliged, and we are happy to share her thoughtful answers here on the NCG, Inc blog!

Drumroll, please…

Jolene chose Beyoncé!

We are admittedly not the least bit surprised, because Jolene talks about her all the time, and she is a regular attendant of Queen B’s concerts. What we love about her responses to our questions is that they reveal the inner depths of who Jolene is and how she thinks. And as the captain of the ship at NCG, Inc, it’s important to know who’s navigating.

Here goes our conversation with Jolene:

You could have chosen anyone, so why Beyoncé?

She inspires women from all around the world to be confident. She is in the light of the media and doesn’t give in to rumors or negativity. She is strong and one of the hardest working celebrities. She is a mom at first and then role model to others. For someone like myself who is about to begin a journey down motherhood, I look at the work ethic she has and how she is able to balance it and I know I can run a successful business and also be the best mom I can be!


How did you come to love her?

I started following her when she was in Destiny’s Child. She was always the one who stood out the most in the group. I love her lyrics. I can relate to them on so many levels. I have been to 2 concerts and watched every documentary several times. I have also watched her live concerts on tv. Her performance at the VMA’s this year was amazing! The love really comes from the lyrics. She is speaking to several people through her songs and she is also trying to let us know that she is human and goes through what others do.

What qualities does Beyoncé have that you strive to apply to your own life?

I love the strength she has. Especially with the recent events within her marriage. She takes ownership of it in the most respectful way and understands no one is perfect and she moves on. She owns a stage. She lights up the room. She also is goofy and fun in her interviews. She is not fake whatsoever.

We’re big believers at NCG, Inc that everyone needs a strong role model to look up to. We find that the person someone chooses as her role model is a clear reflection of what she wants out of life, and the person she wants to be. As you can tell from our president’s answers, Jolene strives to be inspirational to others, a strong woman, relatable, and real. Those are qualities which she undeniably embodies, which is why we’re proud to have her as our president.

Oh, and Bee — if you’re reading this, Jolene would really love to spend the day with you, so let us know if we can schedule something!

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