Happy Hours Make Happy Teams!

“Eat. Drink. Be Happy.” NCG, Inc embraces Bar Louie’s slogan every Tuesday night where top performers enjoy cocktails with the president. 

ncg-incWe’ve read dozens of books about business leadership over the years; and we’ve tried, it seems, to embody all of them at NCG, Inc at one point or another. What we’ve found to unite every leadership philosophy comes down to a basic human principle: everyone wants to be valued and feel appreciated. When we looked at business that simply, it was clear what leadership style we would portray, and that would be would be one based on positive reinforcement and empowerment!

We’ve all worked in environments where managers employed leadership styles that were too hands off — or too hands on — and accordingly, we’ve used those experiences to develop our “transformational” style. A transformational style in business “depends on high levels of communication from management to meet goals. Leaders motivate employees and enhance productivity and efficiency through high communication and visibility. Leaders focus on the big picture within an organization…”

Whereas other companies have executives that can be seen once a year at the holiday party, our president interacts with team members on a daily basis. Whether it is to help reach our client’s targets, engage in developmental meetings or team bonding activities, our managers are the first to celebrate performance with a high five or “good job”! No matter the reason, quality time is what it’s all about on this team.

In fact, we’ve sparked a tradition here at NCG, Inc, where top performers in the company are treated to happy hour by our president, Jolene, every Tuesday night. Call us Bar Louie fanatics, but there is nothing we enjoy more after exceeding our client’s expectations than some tapas and martinis! Three company pace setters per week dine and discuss keys to advancing their careers, all while being applauded for their accomplishments. Though this event started small, it is now engrained in our company culture and ensures that our hardworking team members are rewarded for their results!

The location may never change (we really are partial to the Trumbull Bar Louie, haha) but the crowd changes every Tuesday, as new top performers and team members make their names known. We strive to show our team through small gestures what crucial and integral parts of our company they are and that it is a pleasure to recognize their hard work. Until next Tuesday, Bar Louie!


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