3 Pearls of Wisdom You’ll Need if You Want to Be Successful

The management training program at NCG, Inc is a great way to learn about business — but it’s also a great way to learn about life. Here are some pearls of wisdom that our management trainees in Trumbull, CT have picked up:

1. You’ll never change whatever you make excuses about.
“It’s not my fault, it’s my upbringing… genes… family… past… friends… emotional issues… busy schedule… the weather… the economy…” Making excuses is an extremely self-sabotaging habit. Every time you make an excuse, it takes you farther and farther away from your goal.

Think about it: while an excuse takes you off the hook in the short term, it does nothing for your end game. If you want to actually make positive changes in your life, you absolutely must be honest with yourself about where you need improvement.

shutterstock_184561676It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and be honest about whether you’re giving 100% or making excuses. At NCG, Inc we believe that the moment you decide to own up to your actions is the moment you start moving forwards instead of backwards. Ditching excuses is a non-negotiable part of earning success in your career.

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. Make your integrity your calling card.
There are few things more important in life and in business than integrity. Doing the right thing is everything. It’s also a quality that will immediately set you apart from the majority.

There is a tremendous difference between doing what’s right when it’s convenient or being publicly acknowledged — versus doing the right thing when it’s a hassle or when no one is looking. Integrity is not only a character trait, but it’s a decision that each of us must make every single time we are faced with a challenging situation. “How do I want to handle this… the easy way, or the right way?”

“Would you want to do business with a person who was 99% honest?”
-Sydney Madwed

3. Don’t stop working on yourself.
It happens to all of us: we work really hard, earn some success, ride the wave, get comfortable… and stop learning. Life gets busy and sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to eat breakfast, let alone worry about self-improvement.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really should read more,” “I’d love to learn how to play the piano,” “I wish I knew how to ballroom dance,” “I’d love to be able to run a half marathon”… and then just as quickly as you fantasized about your new skills, you dismissed them, telling yourself that you can’t afford the time or the money. One of the key differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that the former see self-development as a priority. When is the last time you expanded your horizons and learned something new?

“Every year, I take on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside my work at Facebook. My challenges in recent years have been to read two books every month, learn Mandarin and meet a new person every day.”
-Mark Zuckerberg

Success is rarely a coincidence. The better you become at putting these words of wisdom into action, the greater your chances are of reaching your goals.

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