NCG, Inc Reviews: 5 Ways The Best Leaders Set Themselves Apart!

NCG, Inc Reviews: 5 Tough Decisions That Set The Best Leaders Apart!

NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company. We specialize in client relations and brand building. The people that we have working in our company are provided with a predictable career path that leads to an opportunity in management. A big part of the development process within the company is centered around Leadership Development. We’re looking to train and mentor our people into Management to assist with the growth goals that NCG, Inc. has for the future.


What makes a GREAT leader great? They’re decisions.

1. Live by the “Bardolph Rule”

Bardolph is a character from Shakespeare. Bardolph was a friend of Henry V, while in battle, he was found looting. Even though he was a friend of Henry V, he was sentenced the same as everyone else. The message from that scene is clear, no one is above the law. So, if you want to live by the “Bardolph Rule” you have to treat everyone the same. No one is allowed to have special treatment or do things that other people are not allowed to do.

2. Get rid of people whose values don’t match yours.

If you have someone on your team who is extremely talented and effective at they’re job, but their values don’t align with yours and the company, then you have to let them go. Teams are measured in two ways: how effective they are and how well they embody the values of the company. It’s easy to get rid of people who fail at both. However, it gets tricky when they’re very effective but don’t embody the company values. When you have someone that doesn’t embody the company values, they become a “cancer” for the company. So, what do you do with cancer? You cut it out or else it spreads.

3. Admit your mistakes and discuss them openly. 

No matter how much we don’t want to admit it. We all make mistakes. As a leader, not every idea or plan that you put in place will go exactly as you had hoped. If things go haywire, don’t place blame on others, take accountability for it. Have a discussion with your team, admit your mistake, and together work towards a common solution to mend the problem. This will open the lines of communication between you and your team and show them that you’re the kind of leader worth following.

4. Set clear objectives and talk about them in context. 

Setting quarterly and annual goals are great. But, you should spend 5 minutes a day talking to your team members one on one. Talk with them about important meetings or tasks that will happen that day and how what they do today plays an important part in achieving their quarterly and annual goal. At the end of the day, spend another few minutes with them and review the day and reaffirm how this will effect their goals. This will show that you care about your team members and genuinely are interested in them meeting their goals. This will provide a more positive and productive work environment.

5. Rethink fairness.

Make sure that the processes that you use to measure your employees performance are fair. These metrics need to be things that an employee is in 100% control of and not things that are left up to chance. Make sure that the “goal” is average. The people who go above and beyond their goal are your top performers, make sure that they are rewarded for their work. Working hard and going above and beyond deserves additional recognition and incentives, average performance does not. If you’re giving each member of your team the same perks regardless of their performance, your top performers will soon lose motivation and your weaker performers will never have an incentive to approve.

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