NCG, Inc Reviews: Introverts and Extroverts

NCG, Inc Reviews: Introverts vs. Extroverts

We all know that there are two very distinct traits that people tend to have. There are people who are very friendly, loud, outgoing, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. We call those people extroverts. Then, you have people who you have to get to know better before they’re friendly, they’re more on the quite side, and would prefer listening rather than speaking. We call these people introverts. In most industries where you’re looking for client facing employees, extroverts tend be the better candidates, right? But, what if both are just as good. Check out these 7 reasons why introverts can be just as successful in client facing roles as extroverts!

1. Introverts learn the risks.

Introverts tend to try to understand everything before they make a move. This is not always a bad thing. Seeking to understand before making a move can be a beneficial trait for employees to have within a company. It may take slightly longer for them to finish an analysis or come up with a business projection, but you can bet money that whatever they come up with, is probably a very accurate assessment of risks and benefits involved with making a decision.

2. Teach yourself to ignore the misconceptions.

People think that just because someone is an introvert or anti-social. But, this just simply isn’t always the case. Introverts just prefer more focused socialization. They thrive in one-on-one and small group settings. Introverts also tend to be seen as “less powerful” because they speak softly. But, studies show that a majority of individuals with personality traits that would label them an introvert actually have higher levels of determination, concentration, critical thinking, and problem solving skills than most extroverts do.

3. Give them opportunities to practice.

Public speaking is not a huge strength of introverts. However, studies show that if you give introverts the attention and time to practice before public speaking, that they are extremely effective. They usually are able to convey very detailed, well thought out, and easy to understand information that appeals to any audience.

4. Introverts have strong sales skills.

There’s an old adage that says, “We all have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, use them to that proportion.” Introverts are exceptional listeners, this means that they are able to find out and understand what their sales prospects really need. This simple strength gives them an edge other people within the sales industry who talk more than listen.

5. Introverts know how to be self sufficient.

They don’t need someone to constantly motivate them, monitor them, or tell them what to do. Introverts tend to be very self-motivated and possess the ability to work well without direct supervision. These are valuable people to have within any organization, they help free up a Managers time so they can focus on more important matters than micromanaging their people.

6. Tunnel vision. Introverts are motivated to work toward goals.

What manager wouldn’t want someone who is goal oriented to work in their company? Introverts are critical thinkers. If you give them a goal, challenge, or complex task, they will exhaust every resource necessary to achieve it. They won’t need you to send them daily motivational emails, texts, or have a “pep” talk with them. They’ll just do it. Just having the assignment presented to them is all they need.

7. Business owners should be inspired by Introverted leaders. 

Some of the most successful leaders in history were considered quit, soft spoken, and shy at first. Ghandi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bill Gates, etc. Do some research on influential leaders and read up on what their peers said about them. You’ll be surprised at the number of them we would consider introverts.

NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company. We specialize in client relations and brand building. So, our job is to help the companies that we work with grow. We’re looking for someone who we can cross train through different areas of business and promote them into management to oversee an additional market for our clients. To learn more about NCG, Inc an the career opportunities available within our company please visit our website and see our careers page!

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