NCG, Inc. Reviews: How To Create Your Own Luck!

NCG, Inc.

How To Create Your Own Luck!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Management Team at NCG, Inc thought it would be fun to share with our people this article we found on about creating your own luck! NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company and we specialize in client relations and brand building. So, our job is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand. For our people, we’re committed to providing development that fosters a positive work environment and the opportunity to grow.

We felt like this article matched up with our company and the St. Patrick’s Day. Often times in companies that provide advancement based on merit, it seems like some people have all the “luck.” But, we don’t really think that people are either lucky or unlucky we believe that you create your own!

5 Tips to Create Your Own Luck!

1. It is inexcusable to fail because of inaction.

Inaction is the result of being lazy, overwhelmed, but most often, inaction occurs because of fear. It can be a fear of anything, public speaking, spending time with people to go the extra mile, or stepping up and seizing an opportunity. To fix this you should adapt the “Nike” mentality and “Just Do It!” Most of us have a fear of taking on new challenges because of uncertain outcomes. But, you get no value from not challenging yourself. You either stay in your foxhole and not acomplish anything, or you take a risk and end up with a major achievement under your belt.

2. Condition yourself to be in a state of preparedness.

People need to learn the difference between taking risks and being careless. If you’re going to make a mistake, make it out of ambition and courage, not out of laziness or fear. Sometimes you’ll be wrong. Jump into things head first and train yourself to overcome your fear ad be confident even when you do make a mistake. This will help you be more resilient. Get yourself ready for all outcomes and prepare yourself and your project as much as possible to ensure you’re success!

3. Creating good karma is just like creating good luck. It will inspire loyalty and better results. 

What is the key to creating good luck? BEING A GOOD PERSON! Kind gestures and loyalty DO come back around. Talk to people, have genuine conversation, and go above and beyond. Show loyalty to people, show them that you genuinely care about them and have their best interest at heart. Whether you’re an employee, or a leader, or even just in life. This loyalty will go a long way. Valuing the human element doesn’t just help you create goodwill, it helps you create “good luck.”

4. Strike a balance between opportunism and focus. 

Don’t confuse ambition and opportunism with an attempt to be everywhere at at once because you drown as a business when you lack focus. Challenge yourself to hone in on your strengths and commit yourself to taking risks and challenging yourself in areas that are relevant to your objectives.

5. Create your own fate.

Elements of surprise are always going to be part of your life. But, if you use your actions to create a framework for embarking on a path where your surprises build more powerful personal and professional relationships, helps you become mentally stronger and will help you grow. Think of your next decision this way: is saving time by not confronting fear worth more than a shot at putting your company in the right place at the right time?

To learn more about the career opportunities available within NCG, Inc please visit our website and the careers page:

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