NCG, Inc. Reviews: Goals VS Outcomes!

NCG, Inc.

Goals VS Outcomes

NCG, Inc. is a privately owned marketing company. What we specialize in is client relations and brand building. Our job is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand through their target markets. For our clients, we provide a unique approach to help them reach their customer base. For our people, we provide a development program that gives real-world work experience and a predictable career path that leads towards management.

Goals are an essential part of someone’s success in life and in business. But, most of us are confusing goals with outcomes and this can be detrimental. So, when we found this article on under30CEO we decided to share it with our people and all of you!

Think about your goals…..

Maybe your goal is:

– To be famous

– To become an award winning journalist

– To write a NYT bestselling book

– To become an international speaker

– Invest as a well-funded entrepreneur

– To become a renowned personal development coach

Here’s the problem. Most of our goals sound like the ones listed above. The problem is that what is listed above is outcomes, not goals. GOALS lead to outcomes.


– The core and substance of something

– An outcome helps you measure your goal

If you’re unsure of what your real goal is, take a look at the outcomes you desire. There is usually consistency between goals and outcomes that tell a deeper story. This can help you identify the real goal behind what you’re going after. If you clarify your goals and outcomes, it helps keep your mind focused on what really matters and what your priorities are. If you only focus on your outcomes, then when you reach them, you struggle with knowing. What’s next? Sometimes you don’t have the motivation to for the next outcome because you don’t really know why you’re going after it in the first place.

When you understand your goal, you understand the direction. Decide what goal you have, what you believe in. Measure it’s importance with outcomes and go make it happen. You will not only see yourself grow, but what you’re doing grow as well.

To learn more about NCG, Inc and the career opportunities that we offer please visit our website:

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