NCG, Inc Reviews: 15 Ways to Impress!

NCG, Inc is a privately owned marketing company. We specialize in client relations and brand building. Our job, is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand through their target markets. We’re committed to providing our clients with a professionally trained marketing and sales team that will properly build their brand and increase their market share. We’re also able to give our employees the opportunity to advance and grow within our company because we provide a Management Development Program that is geared to give our Account Managers the opportunity to advance within our company. This article was something that we shared with our people to help them learn how to bring out their best qualities to wow their peers, customers, and anyone they encounter.

15 Ways to Impress!

Whether we all want to admit it or not, the need to impress other people motivates us in our daily lives. It impacts the type of clothing we wear, the kinds of cars that we drive, the jobs we want to get, and the technology that we choose to use. Sadly, these things all change, we keep spending money on them and ultimately this can create envy towards those people who put on the persona that they “have it all,” which ultimately leads us towards being unhappy. But, how do we break the cycle? Well, first think about all the people in your life who REALLY impress you. What about them inspires you? You’ll quickly come to realize that the answers you get will probably have nothing to do with the kind of car that they drive, the phone they have, or the brands of clothes that they wear. More than likely it will be something intangible, those invisible qualities that we all want.

1. Become Generous

This doesn’t mean you have to splurge with your money. Provide your energy and time to other people and expect nothing in return.

2. Laugh, A LOT

 Become the person who laughs at others people’s stories and jokes. It will communicate to the people around you that you love life and the company of the people around you. This will impress others and help you become a more pleasant person.

3. Become an Optimist!

 You should always focus on the positive of situations and people. No one likes to be around the person who has a “black cloud” following them around. So, train your brain to focus on the positives first and eventually it will become second nature.

4. Adore Your Family

Show that you really enjoy spending time with the people who most likely will mean the most to you. It will make them happy and in return you’ll be happier as well.

5. Become Loyal

You can’t consider yourself a loyal person if you’re only loyal in “certain” aspects of your life. Show your loyalty to your significant other, your family, your friends, your employer, etc. This is the most impressive quality of all.

6. Visit the World

Experiencing different places, environments, and cultures will change you. You’ll be better because of it.

7. Develop Strengths

Most of us find that we’re impressed by great writers, musicians, speakers, CEO’s, athletes, etc. Although each of these professions are very different, the people who do them all have one thing in common. They found out what they were good at and they developed that strength with discipline. Do this with your talents and the jobs you select. You’ll impress everyone around you.

8. Appreciate the Opinions of Others

Being understanding rather than judgmental of the feelings of others isn’t wrong. It doesn’t mean their right and you’re wrong or vice-versa. It means you have an appreciation of how other people came to their beliefs in life. That is always a positive.

9. Adore Life

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you need to live your life like “everyone else.” Discover enjoyment within your  life and embrace your passions. The people around you will be impressed by your positive outlook.

10. Encourage Others

Living life competitively with the ones around you will never make you likable. Change your world by being different. Lift up and encourage the people around you. The individual who will probably benefit from this the most, is you.

11. Adore Nature

If you care for the world around it, it shows that you care about humanity.

12. Intently Listen

Focus your eyes and ears. Keep your phone off. With the fast paced environment of our world, find time to listen to what’s going on around you.

13. Become Modest

Just by naturally being you, it means that you’re unique, special, and gifted. The less effort you make to inform everyone around you of that, the more they will notice it.

14. Become Content

Contended lives are admirable, desirable, and enjoyable. The who do not have it, want it.


Strive to live to inspire. Give up the need to impress everybody that you come across. But, you should never give up on striving to inspire everybody that you meet.

For information about the career opportunities available within NCG, Inc please visit our websties and see the careers page:

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