NCG, Inc Reviews: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The “Tin Man!”

NCG, Inc Reviews: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The “Tin Man!”

NCG, Inc. is a privately owned marketing company that specializes in client relations and brand building. For our clients, our job is to help them grow and expand through their selected target markets. We are able to do this by training and developing our people from within on campaign management, the training and development of others, and the ability to lead. So, a big focus of ours is training someone on having an “entrepreneurial mindset.” So, when we saw this article at about what we can learn from one of our favorite Wizard of Oz characters, we couldn’t help but share it with our people!
When people thing about the Tin Man, they think of the Wizard of Oz and not as someone that they can learn from. So, here are the main reasons why entrepreneurs can benefit from taking some pages out of the Tin Man’s book!
1. The Tin Man is industry personified, but he doesn’t forget the importance of having a heart!
In the public eye, most entrepreneurs are often perceived as ruthless in their hunger for making money and heartless people. Now, if you compare this to the Tin Man, on the surface he’s a machine and doesn’t have a heart, fitting the typical stereo-type of an entrepreneur. However, all he cares about is having a heart. It doesn’t mater that he’s a walking, talking example of industry, he still cares about relationship building and his one ambition is to avoid hollowness. Entrepreneurs can learn from this, it’s important to get work done, but it’s also important to e personable. When dealing with clients, never become a “machine” and always remember the importance of building real relationships.
2. The Tin Man has a clarity of purpose. He knows what his goals are and the path he must take to achieve them.
Look at the Tin Man’s journey. He has a burning ambition to get a real heart. Rather than pine about it and write it off as un-achievable, he makes it a goal and plans the journey he needs to take. Not ONCE does he lose sight of that goal. His ambition never strays and he keeps going until he achieves fulfillment. Having clarity about a purpose and a strategy can help any entrepreneur gain leverage in their career. Setting targets and planning out steps to reach your destination are good practice.
3. The Tin Man aligns his individual goals with the goals of his team.
By travelling together towards the same goal, the Tin Man and his famous companions all achieve success! He recognizes that his goals are no more or less important than the goals of his team, and without a trace of selfishness they all move forward as a connected unit. Like a true team player, the Tin Man aligns his individual targets with the targets of his companions. He understands that this is the only way the higher purpose will be accomplished.
Entrepreneurs who want to ensure sustained success would do well to understand this balance and unite their ambitions with the ambitions of their team.
4. The Tin Man proactively strives to solve his problems.
He knows his flaw. He doesn’t have a heart and he wants one. Rather than ignoring the issue, the Tin Man sets about to solve it. Entrepreneurship is all about problem solving and being proactive. It’s not about settling for second best and doing whatever you can to be the best that you can be. Following in the footsteps of the Tin Man, entrepreneurs need to acknowledge and address any problems they face with a proactive, can-do attitude,
Taking lessons from the Tin Man may not uncover a wizard at the end of a yellow brick road, but it might just encourage some good working practices.
To learn more about the career opportunities available within NCG, Inc. please visit our website and see our Careers page at

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