NCG, Inc Reviews: 3 Ways To Train Your Brain To Think More Clearly!

NCG, Inc Reviews: 3 Ways To Train Your Brain To Think More Clearly!

Analytic thinking is the process of remembering words and putting their meanings into context. This process is not simply accessing a mental dictionary. Every time you use words, you re-create their meaning. The words you habitually use when you’re thinking (and then expressing those thoughts) mold how you see the world. For example, people who habitually think (and speak and write) the word “hate” tend to find an ever-increasing number of things to hate. The relationship between word usage and perception is hugely important in business. When you train yourself to speak and write using clearly defined words arranged into concise sentences, you’re training your brain to think more clearly. When you write and speak more clearly, you increase your positive influence on your team. Clarity is contagious. Conversely, if you habitually use fuzzy, ill-defined words crammed into long and convoluted sentences, you’re training your brain, and the brains of your team members, to think less clearly. Confusion is also contagious.

1. Mentally edit out fuzzy buzzwords.
Most buzzwords are just simply annoying, things like saying “utilize” rather than “use.” Some examples of the biggest buzz word offenders are: alignment, best of breed, client-centric, core competency, crystallize, customer-centric, diversity, empowerment, holistic, leading, leverage, generation, paradigm, roust, seamless, stakeholder, sustainability, and synergy.
For example, in physics, synergy describes the creation of a whole that’s greater than the arithmetic sum of its parts. So, combining flour, water, yeast, and heat to create a loaf of bread. In business, the term synergy generally pops up when we talk about how organizations are combined, as in a merger, acquisition, or restructuring. However, in business, synergy barely exists
Mentally editing out these fuzzy, vague buzzwords when you’re talking, speaking, listening, or reading gradually clears your mind of the confusion that they create, thereby making you smarter.

2. Simplify your business writing.
If you find yourself writing long, complex sentences at work, edit and reedit them so that they express the gist in fewer words. Do this enough times and you’ll automatically accustom your brain to shorter, clearer wordings. Simplifying to the fewest number of words doesn’t just make your writing crisper, it also habituates your mind to seek the simple essence of needlessly complex concepts. The more often you practice this clarification process the smarter you get.

3. Play the “one syllable” game.
This exercise trains your brain to use smaller, easier to understand words rather than complex ones. The concept is simple. Try to communicate business ideas using words of only one syllable. For example, if you want to explain the directions of this game say something like, “The point of the game is to talk and write with words that are so short that they cannot be split.” It’s not about talking like this all the time, it’s more about the mental effort. It helps you simplify rather than make things more complex.
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