Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. Reviews: 9 Ways to Save Time!

Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. Reviews: 9 Ways To Save More Time!

1. Do strategic planning.
Most people just take life one day at a time and then they wonder where the time went. Living reactively may take less brainpower, but it isn’t always most productive. Whether you are in charge of a growing company or just your own future, you owe it to those affected to put some structure to your destiny.

2. Monitor your time.
As business guru Tom Peters said: What gets measured gets done. If you measure the time you spend you can identify areas where you can adjust and improve. Try measuring your time for just a week or even a day. You’ll be surprised where you find pockets of poorly used time that you can put to better use.

3. Prioritize your day.
So often people get lost working on projects with little importance or impact. Take a few minutes each morning to confirm with yourself that the projects you took on will actually have a positive impact on your life and the life of others. Then, you can rank them so the best projects get your valuable time.

4. Time your phone calls.
Keep an eye on the clock and recognize how long you’re spending on the phone and put limits on your conversations. It will help you stay on schedule and make you more effective when communicating.

5. Make a daily to-do list.
Without a list, it’s easy to get pulled different directions throughout the day leaving you unfocused and unproductive. A simple list lets you concentrate and schedule your time effectively. It feels good to check things off as well as complete things.

6. Get a good nights sleep.
Lack of rest equals lack of focus. If your sleep time is solid then you’ll be better equipped to make the most of your awake time. Then you’ll get more done, be more effective, and will help you relax t the end of the day which leads to a better sleep. It will turn into a positive cycle.

7. Make your meals a social event.
Everyone has to eat and most people need social time to give their work brain a rest and feel more human. You may think you are saving time by having lunch from the vending machine. But, you really just add unnecessary stress which makes you perform poorly. Make your meals social, breakfast with family or lunch with colleagues. You don’t have to take a long time, but 20 minutes of positive, social interaction will help your brain recharge and is good for you.

8. Choose your companions carefully.
Everyone has at least one time-sucker in his or her life. These people are stealing your time because you let them do it. Whether it is a friend or family member, you must take control. Limit their availability or cut them out completely. You can do more for them by ceasing to enable their behavior.

9. Give yourself 30 dedicated minutes each day.
Your day belongs to you. You may choose to give it to work, friends, TV or whatever. But, ultimately it is your time and you can choose how to use it. Instead of battling it, take control. Take 30 minutes each day to use on yourself in the best way possible so you can be your best self for others.
Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. is a privately owned marketing company that specializes in client relations and brand building. Our job is to help the companies that we work with grow and expand throughout their target markets. For our people, we are committed to providing the training and development needed to give each employee the opportunity to advance within our company and the potential to achieve a management role. To learn more about the career opportunities available within our company please visit our website:

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