Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. Reviews: 8 Leadership Mistakes That Others Made So You Don’t Have To!

Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. Reviews: 8 Leadership Mistakes That Others Made So You Don’t Have To!


Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. offers a Management Development Program for the employees within our company. Throughout the course of someone’s training we expect them to make mistakes. However, when we saw this article about the mistakes of others we couldn’t help but share it with our people. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all take the coaching given to us and bypass the common mistakes that leaders tend to make on the path to their success?



Here are the Top 10 Mistakes you SHOULDN’T make!


  1. Setting a Tense Tone.
  • Stress and tension are no fun. How a leader chooses to show up every day is everything. Positive or negative, cordial or rude, your people will embrace “you” whether you intend them to or not.


  1. Getting Buried in Nonsense.
  • The best tasks are completed in a very simple and straightforward manner. Business execution requires a few processes and steps as possible to reach critical mass and to be effective.


  1. Trying to get too much done.
  • Newly appointed leaders tend to struggle on knowing how to lead. There is a difference between being “the man” and delegation. Successful leaders know how to train their people to lessen their workload and thus be more productive.


  1. Becoming the “anti-successor.”
  • Some leaders like to leave their own marks on a company’s history by erasing the former leader’s initiatives and accomplishments. Wanting to create value is one thing, but completely changing systems and structures that have been proven to work shows selfishness. Strong leaders aim to embrace and build.


  1. Forgetting what it’s all about. YOUR PEOPLE NOT THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES
  • A service exists because of the people behind it, the personalities that attract customers, the work ethic of the team, and the creativity that spurs a new day. If you want your business to flourish, you need to focus on how to attain, train, and retain talent.


  1. Not tolerating failure.
  • It was Mark Twain who said, “Good judgment is the result of experience. Experience is the result of bad judgment.” Failure can be, and should be, welcomed. Accepting failure is not the goal, but understanding the difference between what happened and what was supposed to happen are integral to learning and improvement.


  1. Talking about the past.
  • New leaders need to lead. Nobody wants to hear about yesterday. That’s over. Instead, people want to know that their fearless leader is going to create value for them. Focus on the future is essential. You can’t move forward if you’re always looking back.


  1. Keeping a lid on things.
  • The worst mistake a leader can make is thinking that they should have all the answers. Knowing everything isn’t the job of a leader. A leader’s job is to encourage an environment that enables information to be shared.






Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. is a privately owned marketing company that specializes in brand building and public relations for our clients. Our job is to help the companies that we work with continue to grow and expand throughout their target markets. Within our company, Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. is committed to providing the development needed to achieve career advancement. To learn more about our opportunity please visit our website:

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