Northeast Consulting Group, Inc Reviews: The Pillars of Success!

This past weekend the Management Team, Corporate Trainers, and Account Managers within Northeast Consulting Group, Inc took a trip to New Jersey and attended a Leadership Seminar! The purpose was for everyone to gain some insight on different types of leaders and to identify their strengths so they can build on them to increase their professional success within a company. The biggest development session that stood out the most to all of the attendees from Northeast Consulting Group, Inc was the meeting on, “How to Be Successful & Coach Others.”
How to Be Successful & Coach Others:
This meeting was broken down into the “Three Pillars of Success” which included Law of Averages, Simplicity, and Maintaining Attitude & Enthusiasm. Each Pillar is key to building success.
Pillar I – The Law of Averages:
Give yourself so many chances that you don’t need luck. No matter what you’re doing or which client you work with, put yourself in a position where good old fashioned hard work is all you need to reach success, not luck. If you want to build a strong organization, you need to master the concept and the mindset that relates to the law of averages and teach it to everyone around you.
Pillar II – Simplicity
If you make something more complicated than what it needs to be, you’ll confuse people. If you keep things simple, it will make more sense. The more successful someone becomes, the more desirable their position should be right? However, with more success comes more responsibility. If you want to be successful you have to be able to replicate yourself, delegate responsibility, and empower the people around you. This is impossible if you are the only one that understands how to do the task at hand. 
Pillar III – Maintaining Attitude & Enthusiasm
HAVE FUN! Increase your face value with a smile. If you see someone who isn’t smiling, give them yours. Never forget that the look on your face sets the tone. There is no easier way to begin to build the right rapport with someone then to smile.
ENTHUSIASM! Demonstrate a level of enthusiasm that triggers a mood increase in the people around you. Attitude is the first determining factor to whether or not someone is interested in listening to what you have to say. If you are warm and respectful, most likely, you will reflect that back upon yourself from the people around you. Some people may not reflect those feelings visually, but they will feel it inside. When that happens, you have won the battle already. Kill people with genuine kindness and integrity. 
ATTITUDE! A great attitude does not necessarily have to come naturally, you can choose it. Select the attitude that will benefit you the most and make a conscious choice to apply that consistently. In time, it becomes easier and automatic.
In conclusion, success is a choice. Choose to be successful by doing the right things with work ethic, keeping things simple, maintaining your attitude, and having enthusiasm. Everyone is looking for the key to success, well, there it is.

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