Northeast Consulting Group, Inc’s Newest Corporate Trainer Bill Hubler!



Northeast Consulting Group, Inc invites you to learn about our Newest Corporate Trainer, Bill Hubler! Bill had been an employee of the company for less than one month before he earned his first promotion. Bill came in with an entrepreneurial mindset that helped him quickly achieve his first set of goals to start moving forward with his career at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. So, we decided to get to know him a little bit better and see what really makes him tick.


Bill grew up locally, right here in Trumbull, Connecticut. He attended Trumbull High School with his friends and enjoyed every minute of it. He is currently still enrolled at Eastern Connecticut State University and will be earning his degree this May! Congratulations Bill!


Growing up, Bill was loved to stay busy and was always involved in sports. He played football, lacrosse, and ran track. His favorite sport to watch is Football and he is a big time New York Giants fan! To this day, he still loves to play sports and stay busy. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding in the winter, camping in the summer, and basically just doing anything he can outside!


Throughout his life, Bill has been influenced by his Dad. He watched his career path and saw him work hard and believes that it shaped him into the person he is today and gave him his optimistic attitude and tremendous work ethic. Bill said, “Since I was young, I watched my Dad work hard and still manage to have a lot of fun. That’s how I hope to be some day.” From what we have seen from Bill so far, it seems he is on track to have that lifestyle.


Career wise, Bill has some big goals set for himself during his time at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc. In the next three months his goal is to become consistent in the basic skills that he’s learned so far so he can start running development stations and transferring his knowledge to others within the company. In the next nine to twelve months Bill plans to bring himself closer to his next promotion of Assistant Management and even be part of one of our expansion teams! Within the next five years, Bill plans to be a successful Manager within the organization and have a big house, big yard, a brand new car, and his big dog right along with him!


All of us here at Northeast Consulting Group, Inc are so proud to have Bill Hubler be a member of our organization and cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us!

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