Keys to Success 2014!


This past weekend the Management Team at Northeast Consulting Group attended our annual kick off the year conference, Keys to Success in San Antonio, Texas! Jolene Foor, Steven Rochester, Anthony Plomitallo, and Alessandra Del Sesto traveled to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa. The Keys to Success Conference is held once a year to discuss the previous years accomplishments, set goals for the upcoming years, announce the exciting changes being made to our business, and the new clients we have acquired.

The managers in attendance to the conference were broken up into specific focus groups. Each group was designed to focus on taking the next step and helping the managers continue to move the business forward. We got the pleasure to hear from top consultants in the country who have set the pace and pick up some new ideas to increase productivity and opportunity within our company.

During the General Session on Saturday, we got the pleasure to hear from former Dallas Cowboys strong safety Darren Woodson. He was selected as our guest speaker and talked to us about his career in the National Football League. Woodson shared inspiring stories of his career and helped us learn how to give the people within our company the confidence to believe in themselves and achieve greatness. Other speakers included some of the top Consultants in the country. These consultants have set the bar for success high and really got Northeast Consulting Group excited to return back to Connecticut and start taking the steps necessary to hit the goals we have set for ourselves in 2014.


This year Northeast Consulting Group plans to promote an additional four representatives to Management to give us the ability to expand to an additional four locations. We also plan to add an additional three Assistant Managers to our organization.

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