Northeast Consulting Group Promotes a Fourth Manager!



Northeast Consulting Group recently celebrated its fourth Management promotion. John You recently helped us expand our organization down to Chattanooga, Tennessee. John You was born in Brooklyn, NY and traveled to various locations. He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Double Major for Molecular Cell Biology and Physioneuro Biology. Shortly after graduating he took a position at LabCorp. After a year he continued his educational and went to Sacred Heart University to get his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and began working at Concentra Hospital assisting patients receiving workers compensation. Besides his medical work experience, John You had also run some of his own business and been a part of a few corporations. His strong work ethic and desire for success is what brought him to Northeast Consulting Group in the first place and what played the most instrumental part in his progression through the Management Training Program.


John You began his career here in April of 2011. He got promoted to a Corporate Trainer within just two weeks of being with the company and started building his leadership skills quickly. He was promoted to assistant management in June of 2012 and then expanded to his current location in Chattanooga last month with his expansion team consisting of  Lin Lin Yang, Corey Anderson, Diana Frank, Ryan Ortiz, Matt Cavanagh, James Pierre, and Joseph Campbell. Together they are working towards continuing the growth and development they started here at Northeast Consulting Group to result in their continued success.



We knew from the beginning that John You was destined to be successful. He always said, “I do not enjoy working for someone. I would rather work for myself and encounter challenges every day. This is why I chose this career path. Opportunities are created by people who take the initiative, not by people who sit around and wait for something to happen.”

Congratulations John You! We can’t wait to see the successes that you’ll have in your continued career in Management!

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