Top 10 Things I Learned in Management

Eric RecchiaToday we have a wonderful new post from our co-owner, Eric Recchia. Eric has been a business owner for about 2 years and has quickly learned what it means to be a good leader. Here are the top ten things he has learned in management:

1. Put your people first. It’s usually the personally inconvenient decisions that are the right ones, not the easy and convenient ones.

2. Fun and energetic work environment. Of all the people I’ve interviewed in my career, I’ve found that a solid 80% of them are motivated by a fun, energetic team atmosphere.

3. Time management. If you don’t respect other people’s time, it portrays a lack of follow-through and disrespect for others. Everyone is part of the team, so treat them that way. It creates more of a following because people know you’re good for your word.

4. Relationships. The foundation of every great team is relationships; it’s the glue that holds the team together.

5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Most people avoid uncomfortable situations. By confronting them, it makes you a well-rounded leader and individual.

6. Provide support and direction. I read The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and it changed my view on coaching and managing. A leader has to change their coaching style towards each individual and task at hand to be successful in developing a strong cohesive team.

7. Develop systems. People love to keep busy, so keep them busy! It’s stressful to do everything yourself and by delegating daily tasks they all get done and people enjoy it. However, don’t ask people to do things you either haven’t or wouldn’t do yourself.

8. Be the example. People should aspire to be you if you’re in a managerial position. Make it known that you are where you are due to hard work and dedication, and that it’s possible for them to get there too.

9. Be like-able and relate-able. Most people leave their positions due to disagreements with their superiors. Knowing this, get to know your people and what makes them tick. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

10. Take Risks. I’d rather someone ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. Self-reliance is a key trait in any great leader. Anyone can look for the answers and direction but few can figure it out for themselves.

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